Mobile phone started to become not only as a communication tool but something more. Searching relevant information, downloading apps, reading news etc. all this people do every day using their phones/tablets. Within restaurant industry the gap between customer and a restaurant is decreasing steadily. More and more companies try to attract people to their place by using the Internet or apps.

Now, decision making process is changing during the time and technology could be one of the reasons. People are more dependent on mobile devices, so that companies should be more concentrated on it. In the previous post Decision making process was explained, so 2nd (Information search) and 3rd (Evaluation of alternatives) stages are more easier to find and compare by using only the phone. To find the restaurant you are interested in, comments about the restaurant, as well as reservations are now available online.



2 thoughts on “Mobile phone as an influence on person’s decision

  1. I agree that mobile phones are very powerful tools, which impact on customer decision making (due to the various applications and Internet sources they provide). Who does not check out the restaurants reviews before deciding where to eat? Or the restaurants’ menus without needing to go there to see what restaurants provide? Maybe people do not always have access to computers when they decide to eat out, but smartphones are always convenient when it comes to taking decisions quickly. A very good topic that makes readers question their addiction to technology! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment, Mirela! Indeed, people started to be more addicted by mobile phones. Even younger generation tends to be more “technology influenced” because it creates a certain image for their peers that they are “fashionable and trendy”.

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