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Customer needs and satisfaction seems to be one of the most important factors in hospitality industry. Service experience is valued as a product which the industry offer for consumers. People 1st (2013) produced the paper which claims that in 3-5 years customer service still will be very relevant for a businesses worldwide. Despite the fact that this paper was released in 2013, this year this issue is also applicable. Lack of training and qualification prevent businesses to hire right people.


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Chahal (2016) in Marketing Week website released an article about ‘digital transformation’ where described the real meaning of this term. However, this time one of the subheadings attracts bigger attention to the author which is about “Put customer needs first”.  “Technology changes and develops simultaneously with customer behaviour so a vital piece of any transformation project is constantly checking if it serves a real customer need”. Thereby, the technological development is also connected with consumer’s expectations. In order to create successful experience for consumers (both hotel and restaurant) some factors should be taken into account.

*Customer expectation is crucial factor in hospitality. Most of the people crease some anticipation about the future experience. Technological development helped people to create stronger expectation about the event by reading review on the Internet (North West Business Life, 2013).

*Promise is people reliability on a company. They trust a business and expect that the company will provide the same facilities they claimed (e.g. in advertising or website) (Solomon, 2006).

*Being realistic will help the business to set specific goals for a company which should be accomplished. Setting unrealistic objectives can hinder to be successful in the market (North West Business Life, 2013). Customers need to feel changes in a company without really realising it.

*Consumers’ loyalty is another factor influencing experience of the brand. People like to be valued and receive additional bonuses from the company. This is one of the most important bits in consumer’s experience. Also, creating more loyal customers help the brand create better reputation in the market (North West Business Life, 2013).

*Feedback from the customers helps to identify the issues the business have and improve it in the future. If a person has a problem in the hotel or restaurant, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible because the customer has a huge impact on the company (North West Business Life, 2013).

This list includes only some points of the customer expectation about the business. This could be expanded into more deep and detailed research and it will be always changing process as a result of the globalisation and technological development. Some of other needs of consumers could be friendliness, fairness, information, option and alternatives etc. (Lifehack, 2016).


Reference list is available in “Read more” section.

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